The view of the CLOUDS from down here

Hello world! I can’t believe I have just spent almost an hour just trying to find the right theme..hoho, then it took me  another hour to find the right photos and the right everything, in which at the end I decided I might blog now and figure out what photos I want to put later.

So what is it that I wanted to blog about, oh yes, there was a big commotion about weird looking clouds yesterday at my neighbouring country, KOTA KINABALU. I wish I could have been there and took all the photos myself with my only camera on my iphone, [[currently waiting for someone to buy me a decent camera ( *to husband this is a hint*)]] kekeke, anyway I borrowed some photos of it from this blogger who took it from various blogger, so yeah just to show you how these weird looking clouds look like.

photo courtesy : Mimie ColouRfull (facebook)

Anyway what is so interesting about these clouds?  well one thing for sure they look like those kind of clouds you would see in the movies when the Avengers fell into our world  [scary] =X  Who would not want to see that!  These clouds have been spotted in other countries before but never in Kota Kinabalu, hence that is why it is a BIG thing to the locals and also because it looks scary, hehe.  There is a first time for everything, I just hope it doesn’t cause any problems, but according to other ‘people’, ‘blogger’, ‘scientist’ these clouds are some weather phenomenon caused by ‘global warming’.

To those who does not know what global warming, lets just put it this way : it is the warming of the earth because we humans burn fossil fuels ( using cars example)  & cut down precious trees, so now the sunrays heat can’t escape, its stuck and so it tries to be earth-friendly by creating a blanket over it keeping us very very warm.  Maybe the Ice age would have appreciate this..

Oh yes back to the clouds, as other bloggers have pointed out the cloud is called the ‘Arcus cloud’  in which there are two types of Arcus cloud which is the ‘shelf cloud’ and the ‘roll cloud’.  The one that looks like long rollers in the sky, that’s a roll cloud and the one that looks like it has clouds on top of the other, its horizontal and has a wedged-shaped that’s a shelf cloud. The one in KOTA KINABALU as the picture show is a ‘shelf cloud’.  According to wiki its associated with the leading edge of thunderstorm outflow – I have no idea what that means, hehe, but I’m assuming this shelf cloud is a tail to  a bigger parent cloud hence that is why shelf cloud is usually a sign for an incoming bad weather – thunderstorm and strong wind.

Lets us all pray for our friendly neighbor and hope they all will be safe from the angry clouds.


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